Sunday, 22 January 2012


I found these today. Rather random pieces but I took the opportunity to reflect off the back of some old work. Some of the old work varied from stitch illustration to printmaking and quite a lot of typography. It was interesting to see the basic skills I would apply to complete a project and the comparison to my in depth project Scurrilous Boat that I completed at the end of my degree.

 Experimentation where I was using scrap materials to make large scale work.
A random typographic piece of work. I don't really remember doing it let alone why. But I kind of like it in a very simple way. Possibly because of the use of denim. I have rarely used denim, it is a heavy fabric but I like the contradicting feel of fashion as well as the manual work to it from it's extensive history.

Seeing my extensive history of work really has got me thinking about my work and where I want to take it. I feel embarrassed by so many basic projects that lack depth, and yet proud by the diversity of how I have applied myself. I need to be decisive about what I want to continue with and make the right decisions.

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