Friday, 20 January 2012

Rights. Not Privileges.

I was watching Made in Dagenham last night, I think that there was a key scene that I felt summed up the reason for the protests against the Ford Factory by the female workers. Rita, Sally Hawkins, has been leading the girls, holding talks and protests and is about to head to a key conference in Eastbourne and her husband Eddie,who is out of work because of the strikes, runs after her. I quite enjoy this film, it is well told and I think captures the spirit of the protests.


I’ve never once raised me hand to you!
Ever. Or the kids. And-
(He stops. She is smiling)
What? Why you lookin’ like that?-

You’re a saint. That’s what you’re
tellin’ me, Eddie? You’re a bleedin’
saint! Cause you give us an even break...
That’s as it should be...Jesus! What
you think this strike’s been all about?
It ain’t about us gettin’ special
treatment, you know...Kid gloves...It’s
been about fairness. What’s proper....And
you stand there now and lecture me about
countin’ me blessin’s...
Well, you’re right actually...You don’t
knock us about, you don’t drink, you
don’t gamble, you do join in with the
(through gritted teeth)
That’s-as-it-should-be!...Try and
understand that. Please. What you’re
talkin’ about now...what I’ve been
fightin’ for, the last few weeks...Same
thing...Rights. Not privileges.


Made In Dagenham Screenplay

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