Saturday, 28 January 2012

River of Costmetics

Does anyone else wonder what Joan Rivers might look like if she had ages gracefully? The Daily Mail have been reporting on her most recent antics, with her going under the knife again, for the '734th time' Joan banters. If there is a reason to stay away from cosmetic surgery, Joan Rivers is a fine example.

 Joan pre-surgery without makeup.
 Joan post-surgery with bandages.

Joan,78, has appeared this week on her American reality show Joan & Melissa:Joan Knows Best, is seen preparing and recovering from facial surgery and claimed ‘My body is a temple, and my temple needs redecorating.’ 
Rivers had her first cosmetic surgery,an eye lift, in 1965 aged only 32. Her daughter Melissa tried to stage a 'skintervation' to convince her mother against the procedure during their second series of the reality show. But let's be honest, no one would be able to stop Joan Rivers if they tried. But what is it that possesses people to want to keep opening up their body to smooth out their skin? This idea of perfection to look youthful, fighting against the bodies natural development just seems to defy what it is to be human. To allow other people to cut you open, maybe add some silicon or botox means playing God with your own body. It means taking responsibility for when/if it goes wrong.
Would everyone go to the same lengths as Joan to keep their body as youthful? If she wasn't as rich and famous would she still care as much? Who knows. But I know it doesn't matter how saggy and wrinkly my body becomes in the decades to come, I couldn't let anyone reshape my skin.

Joan Rivers Under The Knife by Daily Mail

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