Wednesday, 4 January 2012

You've Been Framed

With Christmas, came the gift of picture frames. For a map and a bear.
 I have been looking for an A3 wooden frame for my Sandra Dieckmann print since May! Finally the print is framed and hanging proud!


My mixed collection of frames.
My collection includes the Sandra Dieckmann bear, etsy print[see below], postcard from Paris, Suffragette postcard[from Andrea Bonnell] and a few bits. See details of other frames here.

Newest print.
Brought from Etsy shop called Happy Deliveries, I wanted a typography print to inspire and this was what I plonked for!

My next stop is to get a print from Matt Needle, who designs lots of film based posters. Problem is, I cannot decide which one I would want. I fairly adore the Mad Men poster [bottom right & below] and the beautiful colours in Another Earth[Middle row, far left].

Selection of posters available from Needle's online shop

Mad Men print- I adore the colours and simplicity[like all his prints].

Sandra Dieckmann Homepage
 Sandra Dieckmann on Twitter
Matt Needle  Shop
Matt Needle on Twitter

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