Thursday, 16 February 2012

Being Naked is not an Offence

A man has been fined £315 for being naked.

 Mr Keer, from Leeds, was rambling through the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire last October, when he spotted by a woman walking her dog who "had a disgusted frown across her face". The woman in question reported the man and he has since been charged with causing distress. Keer, who has a light hearted manner, keeping score of the reactions from passers-by as he rambles about in nothing but his shoes, bag and cap. On this particular day, the scoring was positive, tallying 15-0, until PC Buxton arrested him and demanded to reclothed himself immediately.

Nigel, an eager naturist with his freedom on show, has previously put his naked ambitious to use by completing challenges naked for charity. I am not sure the last time I heard someone’s body causing so must distress that they would have to fine someone,let alone take them to court! Either the lady in question has a faint heart and seeing a naked person out of the blue could cause a terrible shock, or simply she just hasn’t seen a full man naked in a very long time,if at all.
I am hoping with a tally of 15-1, that this woman is in the minority of people who wouldn’t take Mr Keers naked preference in good jest. If a man,or woman, wants to walk naked, I certainly wouldn’t stop him, I’d salute him. If you don’t like it, don’t look!
Keep rambling naked Nigel!

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