Sunday, 5 February 2012


Today I popped down to Bournemouth with a friend to check out the Boscombe Vintage Market. O my, I was in heaven! Pretty dresses, unique jewellery, handmade items and LACE! I am a sucker for updating my box of fabrics and buttons and today was a treat. I haggled with a lovely lady and got myself some second hand beautiful lace.

 Leaflet for the market.
 Pretty lacing
Totally undecided with what to do with it. It's so pretty and dainty.

 Vintage lacing.
 Delicate lacing- some as wide as  5mm.

The market was well worth the trip, collecting a few business cards on my way round. I am sure I will return for a nice bag or jewellery soon! The market is every month, sometimes holding an extra date a month for special occasions like Christmas and Valentines day.
Check it out if you are about!


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