Saturday, 11 February 2012

How was Iceland?

Wet and windy with the most amazing terrain, simply. Whilst there, it was warmer than England however the wind was ridiculously powerful, nearly knocking us over on the way to the National Museum. I am hoping that Chris, my traveling buddy for this trip, will upload his photos online so you can see some wonderful shots of Iceland.
 Whilst I was there, I also had a personal experience relating to my continuing research and interest in body image which I have since blogged about, so please do have a read.
For now, here are some shots of the amazing landscapes and the weather.

The weather - Wet and cloudy, which meant we did not get a good chance to see the Northern Lights.
The rough terrain in the south, with patches of snow, and the landscape surrounding north Reykjavik.

 Ducks on frozen lake Tjornin in central Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon Spa in the south of Iceland. The central town, and throughout the country, there was a mix of architecture of homes and industrial buildings with some of the most intriguing the bright colour homes along the central lake.
The geothermal waters were 40degrees, whilst the air was 3/4degrees with occasional patches of rain and hail. The peaks in the background occassionally disappeared from sight by the low clouds of rain. If you go to Blue Lagoon, the waters are full of minerals and can really damage your hair! Mine took a couple of washes to get back to normal, however my face is feeling so smooth from the natural silica mud masks available at the side of the pool. Bit of a tourist trap, but so relaxing and worth a few hours of your time.

Chocolate cake at C is for Cookie, a small cafe of one of the main streets. Couldn't finish it's sickeningly sweet goodness.

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