Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Adele-Effect

With an album that has sold over 4 million copies in the UK alone, making it the eight best selling album of all time, and winning six Grammys in one night, Adele has certainly made her mark on the music industry that will go down in history. Especially as she is still only 23.

And with this success worldwide, Adele has become a global icon, and a decent one at that (about bloody time). For a young woman who has shot to fame over the last few years, starting out her career at the infamous Brit School, alongside fellow pupils Amy Winehouse, Katy B and Jessie J. And what is it that makes Adele stand out from the pack of young talent? 

Aside from her vocal talents, Adele is down to earth, apologizing mid-speech at the Grammys for spontaneous snot on her face, as well as her songwriting skills which often come from her own experience of 'rubbish relationships'. She has also kept her reputation above board, unlike some celebrities whom flaunt their bodies inappropriately (*ahem* Rhianna) and are snapped drinking frequently.

And her style... Oh her style. This is what makes her so unique in an industry where there are so many people striving to stand out from the norm- Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rhianna to name a few. Adele constantly looks stunning with simple and yet divine black dresses, a style which has never failed her. She never reveals too much leg or bust, keeping her reputation clean and her pear shaped figure enhanced to show off her womanly natural curves.

Inspiring and simple fashion.

And with her award winning career and talents, comes the obvious statement - she isn't stick thin. Not at all. She is a woman with a well defined waist that is complimented by a wider hip and bust. With her success in the music industry worldwide, it is quite possible that she might well become an icon for her 'larger framed' figure. Reading an article from the Guardian earlier today, it might be Adeles iconic body frame that has inspired larger mannequins in shops(Guardian article) or is it that we just totally bored of seeing the same stick thin images in the media. We all know that images are photoshopped and enhanced in whatever way will help sell a product, but it would be hard to edit Adele now that she has defined who she is. Or could it be that we are beginning to realise as a society that we do come in all shapes and sizes, and the shops are not fairly portraying this with their mannequins?

From the article, brilliantly written by Eva Wisemen, her final paragraph sums up beautifully about body image and our acceptance of our body shapes:

"Whether the trend is thinness or fatness, we should not be encouraging each other to change our body shapes for fashion. For one thing, it's impossible. However many pounds we lose or put on, these are our bodies, our bones – we know that we'll usually end up exactly where we began. Mannequins can change, but our bodies really can't."

Adele Shows the Shape of Things to Come 

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