Sunday, 25 March 2012

Are Thin Women the Enemy?

A BBC article this week responded to the Israel law banning unhealthy models from being used on catwalks and in adverts (see blog post).
The article is interesting in what it debates, the fact that we are always discriminating against models who we believe are unnaturally unhealthy. The title of the article seems misleading somewhat, suggesting that we must have some hatred towards thin women. That is not the case at all.

The problem that some people and organizations have towards ultra-skinny models is the fact that only skinny women are predominately portrayed in the media (not the models fault) and that this can suggest to some vulnerable minds that this is how they must look. This is not helped by the high amounts of airbrushing that happens in so many printed adverts and media.

Although I personally agree with the ban imposed by Israel to help monitor the health of the models, I think what we need to see happen in the media, is a better portrayal of women of all sizes and shapes. In no way do magazines help either, constantly criticizing celebrities for their weight gain or loss. The constant bitching of other people's bodies does not give anyone a healthy mind frame on how to deal with body image.

The only advert that I can think has used a variety of sized women is Dove, where it positively shows women in their underwear loving their bodies, of all shapes. If we saw more of this on our tv's and in our glossy magazines, maybe we could come to terms with our bodies and other peoples too.

"There are people who are naturally thin and people who are naturally heavier, and we need to accept a diversity," Ms Mysko says."That's the goal: not to define one body type as attractive and another type as unattractive." 

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