Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bare Faced Blanchett

When was the last time you saw a magazine cover that had someone that had not been digitally touched up? The cover of the March/April issue of Intelligent Life was gracefully filled by actress and mother of three Cate Blanchett, air-brush free.

The Oscar-winner has all the natural nooks and crannies of any busy lady of 42. As a mother of three and busy actress on and off stage, you would expect nothing more than signs of late nights and hard work. What makes this a fantastic cover is the minimal make-up and under-styled hair- plain, simple and most importantly, natural. Is it good to see an honest reputation of an older woman looks like in the media. We are exposed to so many photos that have been retouched to hide wrinkles and dark eyes, that I imagine there is a generation that do realize that you can grow old gracefully and beautifully. If we all panicked about how we were going to wrinkle and sag, we would all end up looking like Joan Rivers.

And the irony of Intelligent Life using Cate as their model for their 20th issue is that she has been interviewed and glamorously photographed for Harper's Bazaar's UK April issue. Of course the poor woman has been dolled up beautifully and is quite the contrast to her natural pose, in her own leather jacket, for Intelligent Life.
One step forward, three steps back.

We will see other magazines follow suit to show of natural beauty and age? I highly doubt it will happen any time soon. People are far too self conscious of their cracks and dark circles to be seen for their natural beauty.


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