Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Being Naked Isn't Illegal

After a lot of recommendations, I finally watched My Daughter the Teenage Nudist that was aired on Channel 4 in January.

There was endless amounts of boobs, bums and most heartwarmingly, confidence. Through the programme, you meet Mollie, an 18 year old who wants to become a naturist as well as Alex, a 20-something who lives as a 'I'm not a naturist but..' she loves being naked. 


You find Mollie and Alex meeting new people from the naturist culture, including Daryl who works for Young British Naturists to recruit new members. What I found really bizarre, was his attitude towards his body. There is no denying that he was comfortable being a naturist, living on a barge in the nude and only closing his doors when his neighbour passes by. But why would a naturist, happily with flaunting his genitalia bother with a sac,back and crack waxing? It seems very vain to go to through a fairly uncomfortable waxing in order to show off more flesh. Surely naturism is about accepting the body of it's natural state - I sure wouldn't bother trimming my bits to go hang out naked. But Daryl is an overly happy and confident chap, recruiting both Mollie and Alex to be members and all three attending an event in Wiltshire.

Although the documentary was not as in depth as it could have been, to try and expose some deeper thoughts and feelings, there were some great values that I took from watching.
Firstly, whilst trying to promote YBN, Alex went topless in public alongside Daryl. She waited until a policeman told her to put her top back on, to ask him about the difference between her exposing her torso and Daryl. She stated that her freedom is denied because her body causes some kind of offense. And Unfortunately it doesn't, it is worse in that it puts off potential new naturists because her body is so slim and perfect looking- as a young passer-by informs her. 

A great thing about being naturist, is that it does make you body aware and can enhance your confidence with yourself. One young man, whose name I have forgotten, used to suffer with body image problems, eating very little. And now, as a naturist, he has forgotten his problems from the past and accepted his body more for what it is: "Luke’s[his friend] comfortable with his body… it rubs off on you”. 

Mollie, the key figure in this journey, who is keen to carry on exploring the naturist way after meeting more of the naturist community. Whilst convincing her friend to explore the naked way of life, she adviced 'when can you ever say you have lived.' Her teenage spirit did not rub off on her friend who seemed to participate less in the events they attended. However, it could have been her parents frowning upon the idea that made her rethink about the way of life.

 It was inevitable that someone would state it, but I think it was Daryl who said that 'We are all humans at the end of the day'- which is true, we know what breasts, willies and fannys look like- people need to just accept that this is how people live, or at least want to. In an ideal world, we should all learn to love ourselves with clothes on or off, and accept that there are some people who simply just don't care what you see.


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