Monday, 26 March 2012

Body Acceptance Crusader

I am not sure how I came across this blog or even how I came to find Felicity on Twitter. But she is beyond passionate about Body Confidence and providing the right attitude that we all should have towards our bodies.

Felicity, who blog is titled The Life and Loves of a Girl Called Felicity, has been blogging manically since the New Year. In her posts, she has spoken honestly and openly about her own past and dealing with body issue, as well as passionately ranting about her feelings towards our general attitudes of our bodies.

In the last few days, I have been caught up with every typed word and find her blogging to be very much of similar feelings and ideas. The difference with her blog to mine, aside from my art, is that she comes with experience of suffering from low body image and a history of anorexia. Her open honesty and passionate rants just shows how much people want a change in our society with how we view our bodies and how easily influenced we are by the people and media that surround us.

Some of her key blogs which I think are worth a read/look include:

Something I have always wanted to research and blog about.

To be read by everyone

Very open and emotional piece about dealing with miscarriage caused by body health

Help and guide to love your body.

I could continue to list all her interesting posts, but it would just be easier for you to go have a look yourselves. I personally invited Felicity to join my project and am glad she is on board. I might have also influenced her to join #lovingmytum campaign that @BodyGossipRuth started at the beginning of March by posting pictures of her tum(and bum!) on twitter!

Keep loving your body.

Body Acceptance Crusader Blog by Felicity
Felicity on Twitter

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