Sunday, 25 March 2012

Boom Bang Burlesque

Who needs strip joints when you have burlesque!

Last night I went to a Swing Night in Southampton, where entertainment included three Burlesque dancers as well as swing band Black Kat Boppers (YouTube them, they are great). I have been excited about this for weeks as I have never seen burlesque dancers before and have been wanting to for years!

The three dancers for the evening were Kiki Kaboom, Kitty Bang Bangs and Amber Topez. All three performed throughout the evening and it was beyond entertaining. I was fully aware of what burlesque entailed, but had no idea how fabulously fun and characterized it would be.

Kiki Kaboom (pic sourced from Google)

Kiki Kaboom (my personal favourite of the evening) was out first, dressed as a dainty geek in thick rimmed glasses, and undressed over the course of 7minutes, with great sense of character and fun dancing to You're So Square by Buddy Holly and Super Freak by Rick James. Her other character, an American blonde from the south, sang innocently of her pussycat, all amusing innuendos of course. 

The themed costumes throughout the evening were glittering, full of character and of course minimal, with soundtracks to emphasize their acts. The women were all cheered along as they undressed and woo-d the crowed dancing, signing and swinging their nipple tassels. Not to mention Kitty Bang Bangs fire throwing act, her appropriately place dollar bill in her Las Vegas act and feisty Amber Topez as sexy Jessica Rabbit.

 These ladies are proud to tease their way down to pants and their glittery nipple tassels, all for entertainment purposes. And watching them strip down so confidently, with seeing their natural womanly bodies shake and wobble whilst full of so much zest makes me want to do it too. Watch this space.

Kiki Kaboom Twitter
Amber Topaz Twitter

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