Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mister Titspervert

'Show a little cleavage and you are likely to be gawped at, no matter where — or who — you are,' Charlotte Kemp.

Recently, BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid came under criticism from viewers for showing a little too much breast. The image above shows Susanna on one such occasion where you can see a bit of breast definition. But what are all the complaints about? She is dressed appropriately and happens to have a large bust that creates a bit of cleavage with her top. Why complain- She isn't purposely dressed to seduce, or even arose morning viewers. She is wearing usual formal presenter attire that makes her look appropriate for her job. I would be shocked if she was dressed like similar to that of what I have seen on a Friday or Saturday night stumbling across the cobbles of Southampton; short skirts and breasts bursting at the seam.

For a woman well endowed in the chest area, I bet she has struggled in similar ways to Charlotte Kemp, who has written about her own experiences of having a busty chest and being seen only for her DD's (Article). The article from today's Daily Mail is amusing as it is informative about how she feels men view and treat her as a well endowed woman.

'..why should clever girls be ashamed of their curves?'

I am fortunate that I do not have to suffer with large breasticles, but I am well aware that I have had eye-to-breast conversations with men in the past because of the clothing I have worn. It is never intentional to distract a man with a flash of breasticle, but these things happen with the wrong choice of clothing. In no way do I think that all men are so easily distracted by a womans bust, but I know that every now and then, I have a good gawp to, but this never makes me think less of the woman.

Long Suffering DD Cup Wearer Sympathises.  by Charlotte Kemp, Daily Mail.

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