Sunday, 18 March 2012

Corpse Model

Following up from my last blog about models, another article from this week, addressing the appearance of models in the media. Somehow I missed this, but it is quite disturbing what is happening. 

H&M have used popular model Aymeline Valade to show off their latest collection, however her 'very unwell, almost corpse-like' body caused quite a stir. People were shocked at her gaunt appearance, especially when the brand is aimed at a young audience.

It is quite sad that H&M claim that 'we do not work with models who are significantly underweight', however they certainly don't use models who are obviously healthy, such as those women used in the Dove campaigns dancing around in their underwear.

And this isn't the first time that H&M have caused a stir with use of their models. Last year, a television advert showing a female in a coat in heels was complained about 9 times to ASA as the model looked 'unhealthily thin'. The image below is a shot from the advert, and personally I find it a little hard to look at, however you have to take into account the over-sized coat that slims her more so.

The backlash from the H&M collection previews just shows that people even in the fashion industry are realizing that the use of ultra skinny models is not acceptable in a society where media plays just an influential role. It is a shame that H&M don't realize their target market are easily influenced and naive to these images. They should take on board the rise in the natural sized role models like Adele, Kate Winslet and Christina Hendricks.


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