Saturday, 31 March 2012


'If you call someone a dick it's like trying to give them a paper cut with the rubber on the end of a pencil; if you call someone a cunt it's like stabbing them in the eye with the lead of that very same pencil.'

 Last week I ordered my first zine in ages- Issue 1 of Cunt. The perky little zine, shipped from Australia, consists of the history of the word Cunt, some merkins as well as pug comedy duo Pearl and Dolly.

The magazine also begins with a brilliant introduction pointing out a word dirtier than 'cunt' - feminist- 'it conjures images of bitter man-haters, feral women with saggy tits and picket signs, butch lesbians with cropped coifs and a penchant for ball sports.'

 The contributers to the magazine include Dana Livne, Jodi De Vanier, Katie Turnball, Lisa Varcoe, Lola Williams and editor Shira Livine. The zine might be short but it is full of quirkiness and pure feminine power and I cannot wait for the next issue!

'To me a feminist is a person who is interested in women's rights- whether they have a cunt or a cock- so that should be everyone.'- Shira Livine

God bless the Cunt.

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