Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Diet, Dating, Vorderman and Beards.

This week, I have noticed a few interesting bits coming up in the Daily Mail which I wanted to share. 

Is This The Most Extreme Diet Ever?

"...for ten days at a time, a patented liquid formula made up of protein and nutrients is dripped directly into the stomach via a plastic tube that goes up the patient’s nose and is taped on to their face."

 Disgusting and totally unnecessary. It bascially teaches the body to starve in a controlled environment! I am a MASSIVE lover of food, and who really has the time to hook up to these machines 24/7. What happened to enjoying the flavours and textures of good food: enjoying a medium-raw moist chewy steak or a creamy korma or even some smooth mash potato! I could never participate in such extreme measures!

The Perfect Outfit for a Date

O... Dear... Lord. According to experts, there is a certain way to look on a date to make you succeed and I would thoroughly like to know how these 'experts' determined these rules. At the same time, I am a single lady who has advised a few friends recently and I seem to break a lot of these rules...
And these rules are:

Be a Lady in Red
 Red is a sexual colour they claim. Well of course it is, but it is also for danger, blood and stop. Interpret it how you want, but wear whatever you feel comfortable in and just avoid wearing florescent colours on a date.

Forget the Fringe
 Fringes make you look demanding apparently... Bullshit.

Show 40% Flesh
 Legs or chest, you decide. But apparently a scoop neck with 3/4 length sleeves is best... Bullshit.

Don't wear the Trousers
Again, wear what the hell you want but apparently skirt or dress makes you look more confident and successful... Surely it is just more feminine and men dig a women in a pretty dress?

Walk Tall
 No one likes a sloucher.

Accentuate Your Curves
 Apparently you should have an ideal waist-hip ratio...blah blah blah, embrace your body and wear what you like that compliments your figure.Win.

Ditch the Leggings
 No one likes leggings. They should all be burnt in a mass banning, along with 'fashionable' harem pants and Uggs. No one likes it if your wearing leggings and your top does not cover your bum and we can all see your knickers.

Reveal your Neck
 'The neck is an erogenous zone.' Apparently men are attracted to women with a bit of flesh on show(as discussed before) but too much will put them off.. How much neck is too much/too little! Bizarre rule that has to coincide with showing 40% flesh.

Wake Up your Make Up.
Lots of details on this one. One basic rule that never fails is: Don't go on a date looking like you star in TOWIE or a body builder covered in Cuprinol.

My Mum's response to article: 'It's all about personality isn't it?' And that is why I love my Mother.

Carol Vorderman Pays The Price Of Having Fun

Silver Dress: 2011 Blue Dress: Now

Countdown Carol has gone up a dress size!!!!!!! Bloody heck, who doesn't go up and down in dress sizes these day. The poor woman has gone from a 10 to a 12! O-M-G. What an ordeal. The woman, who is very much in middle age, is having too much fun socializing and has put on some weight in the last year- Good for you woman, but you still have a GORGEOUS figure for your age which some ladies would kill for! Shut up.. O and she wants an eyelift.. And to think I used to admire her for being smart.

Women REALLY Don't like Beards.

A study has found that women really don't like beards. They can make men appear older and more aggressive. I am going to keep this fairly short.. Some men look good with a beard, and some just look like a pimped up tramp.Take Brad here; he looks like a young Gandalf, and not in a good way. A man ALWAYS looks good in a beard when it is nicely tamed and cared for. Not many women want a man to look like Joaquin Phoenix when he took that 'year out' with Casey Affleck. 

 Joaquin Phoenix

But that is the other thing- women, and men, all have different tastes. A good friend of mine loves a good stubble on her partner, whilst I stand fairly neutral, having dated no one that could achieve much stubble let alone beard. But I still reside under my mothers teaching that personality matters that little bit more than a beard.

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