Sunday, 18 March 2012

'Give It To Your Woman, It's Her Job'

Earlier this month, Emma Barnett went to go tidy up her partners trousers off the floor when she noticed the washing label inside, of which it she posted on Twitter and caused an unexpected wild response.

The infamous twittered picture.
The trousers in question are from discounted men's clothing store Madhouse and sparked a major 'sexist' discussion worldwide. The jibe in question is the suggestion made that if one cannot follow the instructions to clean the trousers, you should 'GIVE IT TO YOUR WOMAN, IT'S HER JOB' And yes, it was in capital lettering so you could not miss it. 

Personally, I found it fairly amusing and just a bit of harmless banter, which has been repeated by a few ladies I have shown it to. But that is not what Emma Barnett thought. In her follow up article she wrote for the Telegraph post-tweeting the picture, she discussed the problems with the sexist remark. 

For her, it was more than just a small joke. It was another bit of sexist 'banter' that continues to make fun of the female race. And she is right on some levels. It is another small gesture to women to mock our traditional and slightly outdated position in society- in the home as the slave of our husband and children. And she is right when pointing out that is written in such a way it is a demand, that mocks the development of women in modern society over the last 150 years.

The comments that she received obviously varied from the anger of people wanting to boycott the brand to men telling her to lighten up and not to get her knickers in a twist. I stand in a position that I am open minded enough to see this as banter, however the key point of her article strikes me; the 'banter' of the message is still sexist and belittles women. As much as we get angry, try and stop people making sexist jokes or remarks, the fact is that it will always exist. Woman have held a unique and defining history which is easy to mock, especially being the inferior gender for so long. As long as there remains differences and unique qualities between people of the human race there will be discriminate remarks whether it is about gender, race, sexuality, religion, appearance, physicality and so on.

Sexist Trousers are Below The Belt  Emma Barnett at Telegraph
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  1. I was recently emailed this photo with the phrase "love my bones" in the title box, and I felt the need to share it, as the image itself upset me (it is one used on pro-ana websites) As you know I've been both sides of the spectrum, I have been called "anorexic" (which I was) and "fat". I think we, as women, have to take responsibility for our actions, what we pass on to our children, the younger generation. We shouldn't teach fat=bad, skinny=good or the other way round, we should love ourselves whatever size we are - fat/thin/in-between!! But to me the promotion of loving bones is a step to far, "love your bones" is a pro-anorexic catch phrase that haunts me to this day. Anorexia is a disease, It's a disgusting and evil disease. And it's killing too many. Lets promote "healthy" not weight or size just "healthy" !!

    1. sorry this was in relation to the infamous "love my bones" photo but I can't seem to move it! sorry about that! x