Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Patch Project

The Female Figure: Patch Project 
Today I have finally got going on some ideas I have had brewing for some time and word has started spreading.

With my research into women, and all things related, I am keen to promote and go further in depth into body image. To do this, I am looking for participants of all ages and backgrounds to send me a 4inch fabric patch to express their thoughts and feelings about their body image. I have already collected some patches, so the project is on it's way and making haste with getting more people participating and talking body image.

Alongside the patches, I am also looking to collect stories from participants- email or post me your experiences. I want to collect thoughts, ideas and the journey that women and men go through with their body. This is for everyone, however uncreative you think are! Share with others- sisters, brothers, mothers, aunts, uncles, friends, colleagues etc!

The brief for the project is on my main website , downloadable as a PDF. Spread word amongst all female acquaintances: the more patches and stories, the better!

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