Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Peggy Olson: Feminist Icon

Whilst watching a lovely Mad Men paraody featuring Muppets on, I came across a wonderful article by Lucy Mangan discussing key character Peggy Olson (played by Elizabeth Moss) and why she is makes a great feminist Icon.

I was a late comer to Mad Men on BBC4, having only seen Season 3 & 4, but thoroughly enjoying 60's set drama. The series is set in an advertising agency and young Peggy, in the image above, starts in season one as a secretary to Don, womanizer and often swigging out of a glass at the end of the day. By season 4, Peggy is a copywriter for the company and establishing herself as a good employee after fighting endless sexism with a lack of support from others. The article by Lucy is fabulous and really hits a nail on the head. It is women like Peggy that makes me proud to be a woman- women who fight for themselves, for their own voice and independence (See Why is it so Great to be a Woman? blog post).

The key women in Mad Men, L-R: Betty, the housewife wanting more from life. Joan, working the system, using sexuality as she goes. Peggy, the striving career girl.
Peggy might only be a fictional character, but she stands strong in representing women who have tried hard to work equally among men.

"I think she represents what feminism is really about: equal opportunities, being respected and being heard." 
Elizabeth Moss (Actress)

 Lucy's article is a real salute to a great female role.

Peggy Olson Feminist Icon by Lucy Mangan at
Elizabeth Moss Interview at The

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