Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sexualization, Models and Transgender

Another manic week, with a few interesting articles cropping up that really interested me.

Sexualization of Girls

From the Guardian last weekend, four readers share their views on the sexualiation of young women, not to mention the comments after the article too. One view comes from a ex-model whilst another mentions the f-word; feminism.

Model Agencies; One of These Girls is Too Fat

A very old article from 1996, but still rings true today. The article discusses the issues of hiring ultra skinny women, who would be seen by many in adverts and other media. Some model agencies are making changes to adapt to a more diverse range of women but there is still an unfair representation of different sized women in the media. A plus size is still considered anything above a size 10!

One of These Girls is too Fat from The Independent

Tragic End of the Boy Who was Brought Up a Girl

This article is nearly four years old and addresses the issues to do with trans-gender and early sex change. In 1966, David was taken for a routine circumcision which ended with his penis being burnt and falling off. At the age of one, his parents decided to meet John Money, an author on many books about human sexuality, who convinced them that it would be best for David to become a girl. The story is touching with the journey he went through including steady counseling, another sex change and becoming a study case for Moneys research. I find it hard to think that David's life changed all because of an accident in a routine operation and a decision made by his parents to attempt to bring him up as a girl.
With sex-change and transgender fighting off the taboo label, it is easier now to understand his journey and how even environmental factors won't change how a person feels about their body and identity.

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