Sunday, 4 March 2012

Stuff Mom Never Told You

A few weeks ago whilst on the hunt for a particular podcast, I came across one of the most educational and amusing podcasts I have ever taken interest in.

 Stuff Mom Never Told You is a weekly podcast, presented by Cristen and Caroline discussing all the things that your mothers would not discuss or mention. Subject matters that they have covered in their podcasts include:

 Does the G-Spot Exist?
 Can you get rid of cellulite?
 Do women make better bosses?
 Skygirls, Stewards and Flight Attendants.

I have learnt so much from their discussions and research into various subject matters. And now to share with you what I have found out from their 20-30minute long podcasts- these facts have been written up from some scribbles and might not be 100% accurate.

Do Bras Serve Any Purpose?
 (Released 11/11/2009)
 The first bra was made from two jockstraps.
1/10 women don't know their bra size.
Women who wore a bra for less than 12 hours a day were thought to have less chance of having breast cancer.
Fun bra fact they discovered from a Daily Mail article:
'In one recent test, it took men an average of 27 seconds to remove a bra using both hands. Right-handed men using their left hand took an average 58 seconds, while one unfortunate volunteer took a passion-killing 20 minutes.'

Does Size Matter?
 Men are very self-conscious!!
Small Penis Syndrome- not a phsyical syndrome but a psyscological obsession that they have a small penis.
Micro Penis is the condition if a man has a penis 2 inches or smaller. This often means that the man has to sit down to pee!
85% of women are satisfied with their mans size (15% would want to change the size of their mans penis.) 

Can You Get Rid of Cellulite?
90% of women will get cellulite after puberty! -Get used to it ladies!!
Cellulite is caused by estrogen.

The Thick and Thin of Eyebrows
They used to use goat hair to make fake eyebrows.
And mouse hide.

Is Masturbation Good for You?
Vibrators do not desensitize you!
(This podcast is worth listening to in general-very informative ladies ;) )

I find these podcasts very informative and great to pass time whilst multi-tasking about the place. They offer facts from research and articles, as well as discussions on the subject matter and feedback from listeners. Check out their long list of podcasts, because there will be something interesting that you might have always wanted pondered about!


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