Thursday, 15 March 2012

Why is it so great to be a Woman?

Last Thursday it was International Women's week. During the day, whilst browsing through Twitter, I saw the odd comment that was anti-IWD. People were commenting about why make such a fuss, men demanding their own day (19th November fellas, not to mention Steak and Blowjob day yesterday) as well as the typical sexist banter of getting us women back in the kitchen. But it did make me curious, why is it so great to be a woman? And yes, it has taken me a week to give it a real good ponder to come up with something that is worth blogging and arguing.
There are many depths to why it is great to be a woman. My first thought, that I am ashamed to admit, is that we get to wear pretty dresses. It is such a petty and disgustingly typical girly thing to say but that was my honest first thought. Woman are blessed with thousands of brands offering so much choice in clothing, beauty products and accessories, and not to mention the pressure of having to look perfect for our man/potential man. As much as I enjoy my dresses,that certainly isn't THE perk of why I enjoy being a woman. I could easily enjoy these perks as a man. I concluded fairly quick that being a woman was more than the clothes I wore.
I am a great appreciator of the female figure, for there is no denying that anatomically, the woman is a beautiful being; waist, hips and, of course, breasts. Celebrated over the years in many paintings, photographs and even in films, the female body is temple that has been worshiped for thousands of years across many cultures. I have nothing against the male figure, but there is something unique and beautiful about the curves of the female figure. Perhaps it is the motherly and childbearing body structure that defines us from the male figure, where the female body adapts to the changes over the years. As humans, we all struggle with the changes like gravity, old age and health problems, but this doesn't stop the female body from being anything less than beautiful at any age. And yet, the beauty of my female body doesn't quite define all of my pride.

After a lot of pondering on this matter for the last week,it hit me when reflecting on my research; It is great to be a woman because women have fought our way to be where we are today. Women have battled for their right to votes, freedom and their voice for more than a century. I believe that many women of today take their place in society for granted as life for women is so much easier. So many decades have passed since women were restricted in what they could say and do- jobs only available in the factory from a young age or looking after children, not being able to vote on the same terms as men until 1918(over 30's)/1928(over 21's) and no female doctor until 1865 where even then Britain's medical board were reluctant to accept her to practice. Women stood up for their rights in the 18th century whilst working in cotton factories to gain fairer pay, not to mention conditions. This is where the fight for equality really began to show amongst everyday life, and their determination was unstoppable.
Since then, many women have passed through history standing up for themselves as a woman and achieving great success; suffragettes and suffragists, Florence Nightingale (Lady with the Hammer), Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Guerrilla Girls, Indira Gandhi, Billie Jean King, Mother Teresa, Sally Ride, and Rosa Parks to name but a few. These are women who have changed history and attitudes in society who we should thank for being so bold, brave and passionate for being a woman. 
The problem which makes being a man so boring is that they have had life much easier over the years; men have had their place in society determined as the leader, the breadwinner, the educated, the voice. The history of the man reads dull in comparison to the militant suffragettes and every other determined woman to fight for themselves and for equality. I am proud to be a woman because of these women with determination to fight against men to be seen as equals and not simply as wives and mothers.
International Women's Day is but the one day a year we should take to remember and thank the women who made a difference for allowing woman to be where they are today- free. And we should recognise that in some places around the world, they are still fighting for equality as a human, let alone as a woman.

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