Saturday, 21 April 2012

Chin Chin Charee

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail reported statistics that revealed that there is a new popular cosmetic surgery. A new trend in America has seen a large rise in 'chinplants' which claims it as the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend, growing more than botox, liposuction and breast augmentation combined!

Below are statistics of the number of people who have undergone chin surgery in 2011.

Overall: 20,680 (+ 71 per cent)
Women: 10,087 (+ 66 per cent)
Men: 10,593 (+ 76 per cent)
20-29 years: 2,750 (+ 68 per cent)
30-39 years: 2,587 (+ 69 per cent)
40-54 years: 5,075 (+ 77 per cent)
55 and over: 8,459 (+ 70 per cent)
SOURCE: American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

The demand is reported to come from the rise in conference calls in the work place and a self-conscious market that want to make themselves better presented by reshaping their chin line. Available surgery includes either a 'mentoplasty, which decreases the size of a chin which 'juts out' or is perceived as being too large' or a 'maxillofacial corrective surgery which actually alters the jaw position.'

People are changing their looks because they are so self-conscious about how other people perceive them. We are now living in a world where cosmetic surgery is so easily available, with so many procedures being available that it would not be impossible to change your whole body identity into someone entirely new. Will it become the norm that everyone should undergo surgery to smooth out 'imperfections'?

There will always be demand for cosmetic surgery, with people constantly wanting to change their 'imperfect' bodies. There was a time many years ago where I said I would have cosmetic surgery to my feet to make them smaller if it were possible (I have UK 9/EU 43), but I could never really go through with it. It takes determination to go through with cosmetic surgery and have to endure an uncomfortable recovery and pay a costly bill (which from mild research, would actually cheaper in America than in the UK). It takes more than courage to accept your body for what it is, work with what you have got and love it.

With people trying to achieve happiness, confidence or eternal youthful perfection, the cosmetic surgery industry will sadly continue to grow.

Chins New Boobs at Daily mail

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