Friday, 13 April 2012

I'm Not On My Period Just Because I Voice my Opinions.

An amazingly successful Facebook campaign, with currently over 5,500 likes on their page to date. Their aim is simply to encourage being a feminist is a positive thing, and not seen in the usual stereotyped manner.

'Identify yourself as a feminist today and many people will immediately assume you are man-hating, bra-burning, whiny liberal. Perhaps a certain charming radio talk show host will label you as a “Feminazi” or “slut.”' 

 'In order to change this perception on campus, we have launched a PR campaign for feminism. We aim to challenge existing stereotypes surrounding feminists and assert the importance of feminism today.'

Their message and images are strong, with men and women uniting to support feminism. The images they have used, are people showing their support by explaining why they need feminism, with many interesting and amusing answers. Lets hope that they spread word further from campus and around the world with their simple but effective campaign.
 Men supporting the cause.

 Amusing photo posted on Facebook group!

Who Needs Feminism Facebook page
Who Needs Feminism on Twitter

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