Sunday, 1 April 2012


Last month I blogged about Love My Tum Twitter campaign to accept a part of the body for what it is, no matter how much you hate it! It was started by Body Gossip campaigner Ruth Rogers(@BodyGossipRuth) and I helped support her by showing off my tum. I only managed a week as I got distracted by work amongst other things, however I managed to be slightly creative and amusing my sad self.

Supporting Ruth on Day1 with a rounded belly and muffin top!
 International Women's Day

 Pre-night out!
Amusing myself...
During these photos, I also came across this wonderful display at Debenhams, which seemed to support our cause!

Love your bums, tums, boobs, scars and all those other bits too!

The Body Gossip campaign was featured in the Daily Mail this weekend, with ambassador Zaraah Abrahams discussing 'Thinspiration' as well as Louisa Lytton talking about being self-conscious of her body image from growing up in the public eye.

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