Friday, 13 April 2012

Too Big, Too Floppy, Too Hairy, Too Brown.

Hurrah ladies- perfection is on the horizon yet again!

Another product designed to change your skin colour to make you more acceptable to the man in your life as well as society in general. This product is specifically to whiten(bleach) your genital area, and aimed at an Asian audience. 


I still find it quite bizarre that as a western culture we are encouraged to tan to look more 'sun-kissed' whilst eastern cultures try to look more pale- such a bizarre attitudes to our bodies. Even dark skinned celebrities such as Beyonce and Rhianna have been criticized recently for looking too light in photos- presumably digitally enhanced or purposely over lit studios.Why is it is so hard to accept our skin as we are born?

But fret not gentlemen, the article where I discovered the vagina bleaching product also has a solution to your darkened willies too!! 'Penis bleaching is all about hygiene and feeling good. Whitening your penis not only makes you look good in bed but it also increases your self-esteem.' Cream! (Please not the overly photoshopped people at the top of the page)
This cream is available too..

What a load of bullshit. Cosmetic surgery is one massive extreme to change your body, but to bleach a sensitive area of your body to look 'better'. What absolute rubbish and unnecessary bullshit. I have never met a man who would feel pressured enough to need to change their body so subtly and yet so dramatically just to 'please' their woman or indeed themselves!

These products just need to fuck right off.


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  1. Very true article, as someone who is in SE Asia at the moment it is honestly RIDICULOUS the amount of products that have whitener in, in fact it's hard for me to find skin care products as I don't want to bleach my skin. I have also had a ridiculous amount of comments from people on my lovely white legs, and knees, and hands etc. etc. which is just totally bizarre. It's weird that in the UK etc. people fake tan to the extreme to make themselves orange and here they actually use white face powder to make their faces appear more white...