Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Who Knew?

I saw these snippets in the Daily Mail in the last few days, and thought them interesting with the body image research. Some random facts that have been published as interesting statistics alongside articles.

How realistic is that figure, considering the average age expectancy is 81 years old for Women, 79 for men. That would be more than a quarter of your life trying to adjust your body weight, almost half. And as it is an average, it means that some people are spending a lot longer than 31years dieting.

 Stress effects our bodies more than a lot of realize, and the diet is one of the first parts of the body effected, whether it is over or under eating. I suppose you can only blame the TV for weight gain because you are sat for hours on end not moving.

Microdermabrasion, or advanced exfoliating of the skin, is second most popular cosmetic treatment for men. Fascinating. I can't say I have ever really heard of it, let alone know anyone who has expressed a wish to have it done.

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