Tuesday, 8 May 2012

4 x 6 Exchange

A couple of months ago, Art House Coop set up a series of projects which people could submit thier creative responses. I have taken part in their annual Sketchbook Project in 2011 [See blogs] and I love how they bring so many creatives together to share their ideas and talents. Below are a few pages from my Sketchbook, created at the end of 2010.

 Work in progress
 Creative pages
Stitch detail.

Some of the projects that have set up in the last few months have included The Map Project, The Things Found Series, The Jar Project and The Note Swap(which I also participated). The Sketchbook Project, alongside most of their project, is about sharing the talent that participate, as the sketchbooks that are submitted get catalogued into their library of moleskins and tour the USA over a few months, and the 2012 submissions will be making their way to London in October.

Today I received my goodies from the '4 x 6 Exchange' which you have to submit one piece of flat artwork which is four by six inches in size. I had totally forgotten about the submission and was delighted to see the familiar self-stamped addressed envelope awaiting for me when I got in this evening. The design is hand drawn in pencil, and is put together with a couple of different coloured papers too.
The scan of this illustration does not show off the texture and detail of the piece as it does in person, and just makes it look like a flatter piece than what it actually is. Unfortunately, the art work I received did not include a clear name of who made it, only a signature which I have been trying to make out, with little success so far. The artwork is going to go in a frame I bought in March from a charity shop and shall stand alongside my other pieces of art and inspiration. I believe the attraction and admiration for these projects that they set up is the way that they unite creatives from across the globe to share their thoughts, creativity and passion. Complete strangers sharing a thought or artistic moment.
Below was my submission for the exchange. I can only hope that the recipient isn't too easily offended, and adores this spontaneous make as much as I do.

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