Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Baby Weight

In November 2011, Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gave birth to a baby girl and made an honest statement that she was in no hurry to loose the baby weight. Six months since the birth, fans in India are complaining that the actress has a 'duty' to her fans to return to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Aishwarya captured in recent months by paparazzi.

Various online sites have compiled galleries and videos comparing her pre-baby figure to her current body state, even including elephant sound effects over the top. This peer pressure from fans shows that there are select people who believe that there is an ideal look that must be obtained by the actress. People have compared her slow progression with her weight with the way that Victoria Beckham managed to slim down so quick, suggesting that she needs to do the same. The problem with this of course, is that Victoria Beckham, and anyone else they wish to compare Aishwarya to, is a different body. All our bodies work differently, and with Victoria, she has always suffered with body issues since her teens and has been very slim for many years. The comparison to the slim fashion designer is unfair and invalid.

The situation opens up a lot of debate. From a podcast that I heard by Stuff Mom Never Told You, I remember learning that women should take the same amount of time to loose the weight as it took to put on, i.e. nine months. Women who force themselves to slim down in a matter of months, even weeks are forcing their body to change at an extreme rate, and would have to keep up a tight regime to keep the weight and figure at bay.The media, women's magazines especially, stalk women during their pregnancies and keep a close eye on their progress post-birth. From actresses, presenters to footballers wives, women's figures are criticized, pointing out any sign of excess stomach, stretch marks or other body blemishes. Women, and even men, should not have to be pressured to change their bodies after the body has been through a stressful and straining time. To alter the body so quickly and dramatically after birth will take energy which, in my opinion, should be concentrated on loving and looking after the new born.

Aishwarya, Miss World 1994, has the right attitude as she defended herself by saying that she wants to be able to 'enjoy motherhood'. And so she should. There are pressures for all celebrities to keep up their appearances in public, especially those who have gone through a pregnancy. The least anybody needs, especially during a very personal life changing experience,are outside pressures to please others. Aishwarya is a mother with her priorities on her newborn child and should be slowly adjusting her body at her own pace. I am sure her looks will not fade anytime soon and expect to see her dazzle the red carpet in the near future.

Aishwarya three months pregnant and looking beautiful.


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  1. WOW, how sad that a women can't even enjoy her new born baby anymore! I don't know why people assume others people weights are others peoples business - good on her for standing strong and not starving herself to please these small minded pathetic individuals that say you have to "snap back into shape" after child birth. It makes me so angry - things like this are why so many women suffer from EDs and poor body image!!