Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Down With Leggings

'It's time to stop this madness. Leggings are not pants, and bras are not purses, and if we keep going at this rate, soon no one will know how to wear clothing properly anymore.'

An article on has reported of a school in Canada that has banned the wearing of leggings as they are not appropriate trousers. HURRAH! Although it is just one school that has recognised this, it might just be the beginning of the downfall of the camel-toe champion. 

I am no fashion guru, however I gave up wearing leggings not long after the trend began due to the unflattering sight that they caused. It was also the way that other females were wearing leggings that sent waves of hatred through me. Whilst I was at university two/three years ago, I saw many girls walking past my studio wearing leggings with a short t-shirt leaving their derriere exposed in just leggings. Leggings have the great skill to expose every cranny of your buttock, from your crack and cheek size to the detail on your choice of underwear for that day. By wearing leggings with a top that cuts short above your buttocks, you are inviting people to stare at your ass, unless you go for a denim or leather legging. 

Selection of leggings from Topshop and Asos

The legging fashion has been slowly getting worse in my eyes, with geometric patterns all the rage, but what I don't understand what the fascination is? From what I see, it is all vile and men bloody hate the things too.They hate leggings as much as they hate Uggs, dungarees, harem pants and jump suits [according to this man]. You should be free to what you wear, but leggings should be banned if they are going to be available in strange patterns and if they are going to be worn with your ass enhanced and drawing attention.

In the Jezebel article that mentions the banning of leggings in a school, it also mentions the strange item of the JoeyBra. Some (questionable) genius has invented a bra with a side pocket for when ladies do not want to be carrying around their purse and phone on a night out. I can see the benefits of the bra, however, when your phone rings, there would be an awkward moment of a vibrating noisy breast before one would have to delve into to fetch the ringing device. It reminds me of a pair of boxers which I once saw which had a convenient pouch to store a condom - genius! But whilst these inventions might be a useful solution for a select few people, I can't help but agree with Erin Gloria Ryan;

'Do you hear your armpit ringing? I believe that Taste is calling, and it wants you to go home immediately and sit in your room for awhile and think about what you've done.
If the gods of shit to buy wanted women to have clothing that was actually convenient...they'd figure out how to make leggings that didn't seek to nestle snugly into your pubic cracks and labia in a way that gets them banned from Canadian schools.'


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