Tuesday, 8 May 2012


A few weeks ago, I popped back to my university city of Winchester to visit a photography exhibition, Exposures. From Bjork, Mick Jagger, Orson Wells to The Beatles, Jane Bown has captured many celebrities and familiar faces. The Winchester Discovery Centre may only have a small exhibition space, but that doesn't stop the images from making an impact. From smiles to stares, the black and white photos capture a moment that evoke you from their intimacy with the subject.

Very stunning exhibition and worth a visit to Winchester if you can by 20th May.

George Brassai- Photographer

 Dennis Hopper
 Orson Wells
 Woody Allen

My personal favourite image from the exhibition was of Brassai, of whom I was not familiar with until some internet investigation afterwards. The natural pose, mid-emotion alongside the hint of glasses poking out of his top pocket just makes me adore this image. After researching some of Brassai's work, I felt compelled to share that too, as his photography stands out as much as Bown's does. Below is one image of many landscapes by Brassai, although he spent time photographing the more wild nightlife of Paris from prostitutes, transvestites and pimps.

Pont Neuf, Paris.

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