Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It’s Not Vulgar, It’s Vulva!

A few months ago, I blogged about the work of Jamie McCartney, who created a library of vaginas. The four hundred plaster casts of vulvas, all of them unique, are arranged into ten large panels and is currently on show in London alongside a preview of his new work which is photography based. 

Skin Deep, McCartneys debut solo show, marks the very first time the sculpture has been shown in an art gallery and in its full, nine metre span. The age range of the women is from 18 to 76. Included are mothers and daughters, identical twins, transgendered men and women as well as a woman pre and post natal and another one, rather provocatively, pre and post labiaplasty. The exhibition is a great chance for women and men to engage with art work which is an honest portrayal of how much our bodies vary from every individual. It is a chance perhaps to reassure some women that their own bodies are as 'normal' as every one else. Whilst it works as an art piece, compiled with volunteer vaginas of all shapes and sizes, it is a piece of work that also works on a body confidence level. People can relate to the human form and take away a very personal response, depending on how they view their own body.

As mentioned before, there is also Physical Photography, the latest offering from Jamie McCartney. This digital work has been constructed using a computer scanner taking images of the body, which has physical contact with the device.

As a fan of the human body, I think that these images are a highly interesting representation of the body, with images taking hours to construct. The use of dark background offsets and emphasizes the pale skin tones and brings out the features of the body like joints and nipples.
The whole Skin Deep exhibition, from plaster to photography, focuses on notions of beauty and society's obsession with the physical self and is worth a visit to open your eyes to a new and exciting portrayal of the human form.

The exhibition runs until this Saturday, 2ndJune 2012 at the Hay Hill Gallery, London, open 10.30am6pm. Admission is free. Get going there!


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