Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Birmingham

My trip and exhibition in Birmingham was a success in many ways.
There was a good crowd of people who attended which created a great atmosphere which was enhanced by some of the ladies who modeled! The space I had was an unused warehouse room, which was quite fitting with my work which has a raw quality as I have a tenancy to let threads hang loose and edges to fray. In the space, I set up three collections of work: Scurrilous Boat, The Patch Project and Miscellaneous Pieces.
Scurrilous Boat, 2010. An exploration of domestic abuse.
 Miscellaneous Bits that have come out for the day!

 For the Patch Project, I set up a table so that people were able to add their own submission to the project. On the night, I got a handful of submissions and caught a few people looking through the collection of patches that had been hung from a coat stand that we had discovered in the room.
 I think that the pieces would have been better off elsewhere as they were low, and had Giovanna's work backing onto it and distracted from them- doh!
The table set up, plus a friendly picture of me and 'business cards' labels.

 Table with submissions

The messy looking arrangement- doh! But it was an awesome piece of furniture to have discovered.

Pictures of other peoples work to be blogged seperately.
To view my portfolio of work, click here.

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