Monday, 4 June 2012


At the weekend, I participated in small clothes swap with a couple of friends to great success. I managed to get rid of a hand full of clothes and gained a number of items from a woolly jumper, bracelets and a couple of dresses. With money tight at the moment, it was a brilliant way to gain new clothes as no cost! A few of the clothes I received require changing - better buttons, hemline and cutting up from a jumper to a cardigan!

Dress I acquired in the swap. Left: before, Right: After making changes including changing the hem line, the neckline and mending holes.

I have recently purchased a dressmaking book to help me develop my sewing skills as much as possible and have put my skills to good use to change the neck line as well as bring up the hem line. The creativity has made me cautious at each step especially as I changed the neckline on the floral dress but I am very happy with the results.

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