Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Today I received some lovely goodies from Annarack, aka illustrator Anna Jane Searle! I adore her Etsy shop, which is a mix of earrings, bracelets and rings all unique with a charming illustration. My desire for a pair, made me purchase some lovely daisies, although I was mighty tempted for a pair of Deathly Hallow earrings (Potter geek)!!

Packages for me, dressed with buttons! (Sorry for awful pictures)

Not only did she send me my earrings, but she also send me a matching bracelet! Thank you a lot, they shall be treasured for a long time!

Go visit her blog and etsy shop as she is amazingly and inspiringly creative! Look out for her Fathers Day Card (Cut out book), vintage maps and stunning embroidery!
AnnaRack Etsy

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  1. You are most welcome me dear. I'm so glad you like them and the little gifted bracelet. Thank you so much for featuring my jewellery on your blog and also for the shout on my blog and Etsy shop. It is most appreciated.