Saturday, 7 July 2012

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

 I have continued my screen printing escapades this afternoon with a template I cut out in preparation. I used my new frame and squeegee and created this type based design and this pretty pastel fabric.The greatness about screen printing is how easy it is and like so many creative techniques, how creative you can be with it!

 Two attempts with the design.
The design
The first attempt, I moved the screen(Bad Jenny), which created the lighter shadow. Also, I learnt about the right quantity of ink and the pressure you need to apply.

Another spontaneous small tester which I did using mesh with the hoop. The white paint I used was some Dylon fabric paint that I have and worked just as well as the screen ink. I might try and use some of my fabric paints up first before purchasing more screen printing inks just yet..

Spontaneous design, where I first choice white to create a background on the fabric, then I used small cut out triangles from scrap paper randomly dispersed on the dried ink and printing the purple over the top. Voila!
 Details- I love the colour contrast and how bold the design is.

Very happy, and will keep at it!

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