Monday, 16 July 2012

Larmer Tree

 I have just returned from a great weekend of mud covered fun at Larmer Tree Festival, just south of Salisbury. I applied as a volunteer and worked in shifts in the Adult Workshop tent, where people could come and be creative, with the guidance from a collection of various artists over the whole weekend.

 On arrival Friday morning, I was greeted with the inevitable slurry of mud, which I was thankfully well prepared for. My weekend, aside from working, consisted of taking in as much music, comedy, street theatre and art. I even managed to do an hour of Charleston dancing (a dream come true) as well as watch Jaws as part of Mark Kermodes Larmer Film Club- a great treat.

Pics from the creative Adult workshops:
 Bath Bombs being created (I made one myself before I left)

Flower Corsage workshop

 Mad Hatters Felt Party ready to roll..
 Mad Hatters Felt Party in full swing, with lovely bunting to brighten the tent up!
Peacock from twine, with feathers made by festival goers.
Pics from Street Performers:

 3-Piece Sweet by Small Pond Theatre.
Hilarious due who pulled up near the Adult Workshops(the tent in the background).
 DJ Ceril and The NanaMuffins bynThe Bureau of Random Acts.
A crowd pleasing act which got everyone dancing to their grooves.
 Strong man lifting weights as part of Le Navet Bete group who took various potions to entertain the crowd.
 The crowd from our tent.
 Big Rory and Orchie by Surreal McCoy. A lovable dog, who urinated on the crowd as he led down and let us rub his belly!

Pics from around the festival:
 Main Stage left and Garden stage right.

 Tea Bus
 The Happy Tree
 Dream catchers that were made in the workshops on Friday

Other noteworthy people I saw:
Singers Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou
French comedian Marcel Lucont, who crowd surfed past me after taking part in The Horne Section- A musical comedy band.
Beth Porter and the Availables- A fantastic of arrangement that comprises of musicians who are available to be a part of the band.
Fun and energetic Police Dog Hogan, who sung about Shitty White Wine to a family crowd at 11am
Mali couple Amadou & Mariam, who are both blind and put on a great show.
 Swing Zazou, who had a tent dancing away to their set.

There was so much great music, enough swing and dance to get anybody dancing about.

See you again soon Larmer Tree!

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  1. That's a really nice collection of photos. I love the peacock (the hand made one) and had no idea it was there. I was on the sofa. Lovely that you called us a hilarious duo. Thanks! If you want to be in touch we are at