Saturday, 7 July 2012

Screen Printing

Having found a great basic guide to screen printing and having been fascinated by it for years, I have finally begun screen printing!! (see previous blogpost here)
I have previously tried screen printing at home using a very basic technique which includes an embroidery hoop and a pair of unwanted tights. Having rekindled my passion and urge to screen print, I retried using this simple technique.

 Equipment for basic home screen printing:
scissors, PVA, ink, old tights, fabric, embroidery hoop, pen and sturdy card(for squeegee).
The results. To create the quick and cheap technique, take a big enough piece of the tights and stretch them in the embroidery hoop. Draw the design on the tights and use the PVA to paint in the negative space. Wait for the PVA and to dry and pop it on designated fabric and use a sturdy piece of card to bring the ink from top to bottom over the design. Quick, cheap and easy.
Flower print
Flowers and buttons
Close up of button design.

Already today, having received my squeegee and 43T mesh, I have crack on with testing out the mesh.

Firstly, I have decided to use the hoops again, to make the mesh taut as I am still working on a bigger design for the newly large screen I have made!

Equipment for screen.
 Stencils and templates for the designs before inking up.
 Using the mesh in the hoop.
The results, including ink seeping onto book was using as backing.

Purple on green

 Purple on floral

 The ink that seeped through and onto my book.

More to come soon..

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