Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bed Sheet Skirt

Following the success and creativity of my last post, where I made a dress out of a bedsheet, today I completed my next small task- a fitted skirt. 

This took a matter of hours, starting at about 9am this morning and completing it before 3pm with very little distractions along the way. Apologies for the quality of the photos as these were taken on my mobile rather than Digital SLR. I also haven't finished the hem as it is only a practice piece.

The McCalls pattern. I made the grey skirt at the front (minus the belt)

The bedsheet skirt. The hem has not been finished yet as I have not decided on the length.
  The back- 7inch zip, darts and a missing hook and loop which would be sewn about the zip to secure the skirt.
Left side of the front- Darts, side seam and waistband.

After the success of both, I am hoping to make myself a dress and skirt in the coming weeks, as well as try my luck at shirts and playing with different collar finishes. Yesterday I purchased some fabric to make a dress, so imagine the dress below made out of the tan coloured bird and polka dot fabric! I will more than likely change the collar on the dress, I just haven't decided what to yet!

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