Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sketchbook Project Tour 2012

Earlier this week, I popped to London on my annual trip to London Film Festival, but more importantly The Sketchbook Project Tour 2012 at Canada Water Library.

I submitted my own book for the 2011 Tour(which you can see here), and was excited to see earlier this year that the American founders of SBP were bringing the project overseas to the UK and Australia!

The project involves one 5x7inch moleskin book sent to any participating person which must be returned to the Brooklyn group Art House the same size(but any depth).

My friend and I stayed in the library for over two hours, checking out a couple of books at a time. We were soon totally engrossed in the process. When we arrived there were no more than 6 of us, but as we left there must have been a good 20 people either sat turning pages or queuing for more books.

So here, in a random order are some highlights, with blogs or digitized booked linked. Apologies for any names missed or wrongly labelled.

Picures of book on her Tumblr here

 Artist forgotten.

Artist forgotten.
Beautiful book of illustrations.

The above book was by Sarah Duke, Australia.

 Fabric book by Beth Sutherland

More fabric and stitches by jazhandmade

Shades of grey, Artist unknown/forgotten. The book has burn holes through the book, with small black and white beautiful illustrations

 Southamptoner, Matt Robinson. Beautiful colours and pointalism.

Beautiful sketches, artist forgotten. I loved the house illustration.

Stitched pages which folded out. The pages has delicate colours and wording along the bottom of all the pages.

Pages by Dollo. Stunning illustrations that left us gobsmacked at the detail. 
I insist that you look at all the other pages here.

I loved the colour in the top image, and the simplicity and the space on the Rainy Day in Town image. By Claudia Hemmings

Forgotten the artist, but I loved the contrast betwen this image, and the more traditional drawing like Claudia Hemmings.

A book where the pages seemed to have been laminated. Very odd, but this page amused me and I liked the colours pallet.

 Great illustrator Jesper van Loenen from Netherlands with lots of various illustrations which were detailed, amusing and engaging. 

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