Saturday, 28 January 2012

River of Costmetics

Does anyone else wonder what Joan Rivers might look like if she had ages gracefully? The Daily Mail have been reporting on her most recent antics, with her going under the knife again, for the '734th time' Joan banters. If there is a reason to stay away from cosmetic surgery, Joan Rivers is a fine example.

 Joan pre-surgery without makeup.
 Joan post-surgery with bandages.

Joan,78, has appeared this week on her American reality show Joan & Melissa:Joan Knows Best, is seen preparing and recovering from facial surgery and claimed ‘My body is a temple, and my temple needs redecorating.’ 
Rivers had her first cosmetic surgery,an eye lift, in 1965 aged only 32. Her daughter Melissa tried to stage a 'skintervation' to convince her mother against the procedure during their second series of the reality show. But let's be honest, no one would be able to stop Joan Rivers if they tried. But what is it that possesses people to want to keep opening up their body to smooth out their skin? This idea of perfection to look youthful, fighting against the bodies natural development just seems to defy what it is to be human. To allow other people to cut you open, maybe add some silicon or botox means playing God with your own body. It means taking responsibility for when/if it goes wrong.
Would everyone go to the same lengths as Joan to keep their body as youthful? If she wasn't as rich and famous would she still care as much? Who knows. But I know it doesn't matter how saggy and wrinkly my body becomes in the decades to come, I couldn't let anyone reshape my skin.

Joan Rivers Under The Knife by Daily Mail

Mensch vs Penny vs Paxman

As mentioned in the previous post, Wednesday 25th Jan saw Channel 5 bursting with viewers watching Jodie Marsh exploring her bullied past. Whilst this was on, Paxman had Conservative Louise Mensch MP and News Statesman journalist Lauie Penny on BBC2's Newsnight.

The discussion topic was 'Can feminists also be conservative?' To be fair, Mensch is a strong empowering woman and I tried to agree with what she was saying but she went off topic, got very bitchy and had a go at Paxman about the lack of women on the Today program. She tried to claim he was the BBC representative so it was his responsibility to answer. Shut up Mensch, he is the presenter, not ruler of the beeb!
The whole subject seems a bit much as women have the vote and have come SO far in 100years, and the debate essentially became what kind of feminism is the right kind, as Laurie believed there were wrong kinds. The politics of it all went over my head to be honest and I think they looked a shambles as two feminists who couldn't agree on what they supported. Surely feminist, at heart, is women standing up for their rights? Does it matter if you are Tory, Liberal, northern, french or a man; it is about looking after and supporting womankind.

The telegraph has a good write up of the debate between the women if you fancy a read.


Diva Alert.

Last night whilst watching a bit of telly, I saw one of the most amusing adverts I have seen in quite some time. Dynasty divas Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham star in the latest Snickers adverts, set in the changing room of the mens football team.

What I found peculiar was what I saw through a feminist group on facebook; a feminist had taken offense to the advert. I am not sure what is so offensive about the advert, as the only people it pokes fun at is divas- a small glamourous minority of women, but in particular Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham. If any women get's offended by this advert, they clearly don't have a sense of humour.

Also this morning, I found through Twitter a link to a blog which blew my mind, as it was certainly not as amusing as it was intended to be. The blog post in question, Women Taking Over The World , was posted on a blog called Drexl on the World. Scanning through previous blog posts, he is obviously a bit of a mentalist as subjects previously discussed includes How to be a stalker. He calls himself a satirist, but if people question what he is blogging, it obviously isn't witty enough.


Friday, 27 January 2012

Three Faces: Louise,Laurie and Jodie

Today's findings come via @LisaNova on Twitter.
A very well written piece discussing
'Three faces of feminism: Louise Mensch, Laurie Penny, and Jodie Marsh' by Lou McCudden. On Wednesday night, BBC2 were showing Newsnight as usual, whilst on Channel 5, they were airing a documentary called 'Jodie Marsh Bullied: My Secret Past.' I was aware of this program, most likely seeing it in the TV section of papers that day, but I totally forgot it was on. My perception of Jodie started with she's a glamour model just sucking up the lime light, but actually when Jodie changed to body building, I found some respect for her to do something different and something that I know takes a lot of training and dieting[especially as I believe Josie is a vegetarian]. Seeing a woman with an overly musculus body is not everyone's ideal image, but Jodie worked hard, especially against any media abuse. 

 Jodie on This Morning discussing the documentary earlier this week
If you read the article, it will give you great insight into the fact that twitter was stormed with people tweeting about Jodie, ignoring the political debate on Newsnight between two female politicians discussing 'Can you be feminist and a conservative?.'[Yes, as Lou McCudden points out, Emmeline Pankhurst became one.] Maybe this says a lot about which women we prefer to watch, or maybe it is about which women we can identify with more, as it is not just Jodie who opens up about being bullied, but the people she interviews.
'Less than 800 people could be bothered watching Louise Mensch and Laurie Penny argue about the role of the state and the speed of the government’s cuts (important issues though they are), but all around the world, women and men were watching ‘Jodie Marsh Bullied: My Secret Life’, and learning something terrifying: that as children, girls like Zoe are taught never to be clever, and then, later in life, women are blamed and mocked for acting dumb. Women like Jodie Marsh are taught they are ugly and deserve abuse for it, and then, later in life, get taught that they deserve abuse for being too into their looks or for having plastic surgery. It goes on and on. Girls get taught to be permanently sexually available in order to be respected or loved – then, later in life, we get told we don’t deserve respect or love because we are sluts and whores.'
From the article Three faces of feminism.

I caught up with the documentary after reading this, and it is heartbreaking. Jodie openly talks about the pain she went through, which led her to have a nose job because of the taunts about her broken nose. Despite a new looking nose, this didn't stop the taunts. Through the 45minutes you spend with Jodie, she talks to some children at school who have been, or are, bullied. It breaks your heart to see a teenage girl talk about how she cut her hair because she thought she was ugly, all because she was bullied for a mark on her neck[due to a cyst she had removed]. Later, Jodie talks to Zoe, a woman training to be a teacher, who suffered hurrendously at school and still has major insecurities. This young woman obviously has not got over what she went through, and it is hard to think that her peers could have been so cruel that it still effects her so deeply emotionally and physiologically. Well done Jodie Marsh for showing heart and raising a subject which we all ignore until it effects us personally.

Three Face of Feminism by Lou McCudden

Being A Woman.

I was just pondering on the thought - what is means to be a woman. I hoped that anyone who reads my blog might be able to give me feedback. I have set up a survey, but please feel free to email me or comment on this post. It's a big question, and everyone is different and to be honest, I am not even sure how I would answer it myself.

What is a woman according to Online Dictionary.

I have thought about it since posting, I suppose my ideas on why I question it come from my recent reading about Suffragettes. Some of the women protested most of their lives, the Pankhursts especially devoting their lives to equality between men and women.What would these women think of the modern women of today? What would they think of Page 3 models, Katie Price and reality tv born 'celebrities' like Kim what-does-she-actually-do Kardashian and Amy I'm-going-to-glitter-your-vagina Childs? Do women of today appreciate their position in society and such freedom which our distant ancestors were not so lucky to have. A few of generations ago, woman were nothing more than the domestic goddess serving upon her husband and children. Slowly, but forcefully, women have had opportunities open to them to work alongside their husbands rather than for or below them.

From The Ascent of Women, by Melanie Phillips.

The survey is three questions and will not take more than 5minutes! Give it a think if you need and I thank you greatly ladies. Though if men want to contribute their ideas, I more than welcome your opinions [please state if your a man in one of the answers].

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Image Survey

Whilst rustling through some old magazines, I found a couple of surveys regarding body image. In an issue of Heat, from 8-11 Oct 2011 there was results of a body survey, whilst in 5th Sept issue of More! they had a feature about cosmetic surgery.  I have scanned in the surveys for your reading and have highlighted the most interesting results.

HEAT Magazine
Body Image Survey.

And some results I pulled out bout the body...

 And the most interesting question, which will get the feminists back up...

More! Magazine
Cosmetic Surgery Report

 Pages from the survey.
HAVE A RIGHT? Are you kidding? This is the most ridiculous statistic. Insecurities are encouraged by the media or peer influence. People need to learn to love their bodies and embrace what they have been given. The only people who have a right are those with medical issues, not those who worry if their ass looks big or breasts too far apart. People are not encouraged enough to make natural changed to their bodies through good dieting and exercise. People do not appreciate what they have got and people, including magazines, need to give encourage each other to love themselves and not consider the quickest way to cut up their bodies because its easier. There are risks with surgery which people are not told.

Anyway, rant over.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Via Twitter, I came across an interview with Louise Brealey, perhaps better known as Molly from BBC's adaption of Sherlock or as Nurse Roxanne from Casualty a few series ago. The Observers' interview briefly covers her thoughts as a feminist, and this was her fabulous response, which I have noticed going down well with many feminists.

Image from the Observer interview.

" You describe yourself as a feminist on your Twitter biography. What kind?
A militant one. Dungarees, moustache, all men are rapists, you know the drill... Seriously, though, I'd like every man who doesn't call himself a feminist to explain to the women in his life why he doesn't believe in equality for women. I think Page 3, Nuts and Zoo are bullshit. I don't wax my pubic hair off. I don't think working in a titty bar getting fivers shoved up your bum is empowering. And I'm bored of pictures of women in their smalls on buses with fuck-me mouths. "

I think the key part to this response is the idea that 'I'd like every man who doesn't call himself a feminist to explain...why doesn't he believe in equality for women...' I read something similar recently, and for the life of me can't remember what it was. Men should support women, as women have always supported men. Up The Women! as a delightfully eccentric 85-year old lady recently screeched at me. 

Also,I came across the Guardian has an article discussing is Sherlock sexist?, not to mention the various articles discussing the end of third episode The Reichenbach Fall!

Louise Brealey Observer Interview
Louise Brealey  on Twitter
Louise Brealey Homepage

Sunday, 22 January 2012


I found these today. Rather random pieces but I took the opportunity to reflect off the back of some old work. Some of the old work varied from stitch illustration to printmaking and quite a lot of typography. It was interesting to see the basic skills I would apply to complete a project and the comparison to my in depth project Scurrilous Boat that I completed at the end of my degree.

 Experimentation where I was using scrap materials to make large scale work.
A random typographic piece of work. I don't really remember doing it let alone why. But I kind of like it in a very simple way. Possibly because of the use of denim. I have rarely used denim, it is a heavy fabric but I like the contradicting feel of fashion as well as the manual work to it from it's extensive history.

Seeing my extensive history of work really has got me thinking about my work and where I want to take it. I feel embarrassed by so many basic projects that lack depth, and yet proud by the diversity of how I have applied myself. I need to be decisive about what I want to continue with and make the right decisions.

Friday, 20 January 2012


Rights. Not Privileges.

I was watching Made in Dagenham last night, I think that there was a key scene that I felt summed up the reason for the protests against the Ford Factory by the female workers. Rita, Sally Hawkins, has been leading the girls, holding talks and protests and is about to head to a key conference in Eastbourne and her husband Eddie,who is out of work because of the strikes, runs after her. I quite enjoy this film, it is well told and I think captures the spirit of the protests.


I’ve never once raised me hand to you!
Ever. Or the kids. And-
(He stops. She is smiling)
What? Why you lookin’ like that?-

You’re a saint. That’s what you’re
tellin’ me, Eddie? You’re a bleedin’
saint! Cause you give us an even break...
That’s as it should be...Jesus! What
you think this strike’s been all about?
It ain’t about us gettin’ special
treatment, you know...Kid gloves...It’s
been about fairness. What’s proper....And
you stand there now and lecture me about
countin’ me blessin’s...
Well, you’re right actually...You don’t
knock us about, you don’t drink, you
don’t gamble, you do join in with the
(through gritted teeth)
That’s-as-it-should-be!...Try and
understand that. Please. What you’re
talkin’ about now...what I’ve been
fightin’ for, the last few weeks...Same
thing...Rights. Not privileges.


Made In Dagenham Screenplay

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Where Has It Got Us?

I have finished reading the suffragette history from The Ascent of Women by Melanie Phillips. Further to a post yesterday with quotes about the movement in the early 1900's, the epilogue posed some interesting thoughts on how the state of feminism sits today.

 Pondering thoughts on what the efforts of the suffragettes mean to the modern age of feminist issues.

And of the subject of feminism, I am currently watching Made in Dagenham. I great film full of passion and humour staring Sally Hawkins and Daniel Mays. Rumour has it that Abi Morgan, writer of The Iron Lady, Shame and The Hour, is currently working on a Suffragette script! Fabulous!

Still from Made in Dagenham

My stomach jiggles when I run.

 I came across an article earlier today, through a link on a Facebook page about a mother talking to her daughter, who decides 'I want to be skinny.'
 Read article here.

The issue in this story just does not surprise me any more. When attending a workshop entitled Endangered Bodies at Fem 11 [see blog], stories were being swapped by women, and men, discussing the relationships with our bodies. One woman shared a story about her 6 year old niece responding when asked what she wanted to be when she was older. 'Thin.' Whether it is the media, our peers or even our own mothers insecurities with their post-pregnancy bodies, there is something that is effecting some young girls to think there is something wrong with their bodies. I never got rid of my 'puppy fat' until I was going through college and off to university at 18.

On Monday this week, Susie Orbach gave evidence into an inquiry about the diet industry and how they are misleading members and giving them false hope. Many people join schemes in order to loose weight for a special occasion or simply as a New Year resolution.  Alongside Susie, was Jo Swinson MP who co-founded the Campaign for Body Confidence in 2010 with Lynne Featherstone. Jo stated "Body dissatisfaction in the UK has never been higher, particularly among young people. The pressure to conform to the impossible stereotypes we are bombarded with in advertising, magazines and on the catwalk is overwhelming and damaging – one in four of us are depressed about our bodies."

The fight for our bodies continues.

Mom, I'm fat at
Susie Orbach at The Guardian
Jo Swinson on Twitte

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Post Darling

A quick design, using scrap fabric for PostDarling, as previously blogged yesterday.
I love posting letters, it is so much more personal that a shoddy email.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Deeds Not Words

Taken from The Ascent of Women by Melanie Phillips, which is about the Suffragette movement at the start of the 20th century.  I thought these were some wonderful quotes

Page 18.

Page 132.


Pen to Paper to Post

I came across this over the weekend, I can't remember how though. Very similar to Postsecret, but with the concept of bringing back traditional communication by writing via post rather than the joining the digital era to contact each other. I have written to many friends, up to 200miles away, in the last year as I LOVE getting post, parcels especially.

The project has been set up by Sophia Moseley, artist and writer, and encourages you to create a post card and send it her way. If you are in to interactive projects and love the traditional communication of writing to friends, take part! Photos are up on a Tumblr site of postcards already received.

Sophia Moseley On Twitter
Postdarling website
Postdarling on Tumblr

Further Reading.

I am not sure who reads this, and how people take my blogging, but over the last few weeks I have found some really interesting reading through twitter and various articles. I really wanted to share these links, as I find them fascinating issues regarding the woman and her body.

Why Are Feminists Afraid to Admit the Connection Between Alcohol and Rape? 

An article found on Huffington Post, written by Keli Goff, bravely addresses this issue. The article is interesting with the points she raises, the fact we have a rising binge culture in our teenage generation. We all warn friends not to walk home alone in the dark, but some people are so intent on drinking their tits off they don't realise the level of vulnerability they create. Feminists protested against an article '"Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Pulls Ad That Blames Women For Getting Date-Raped" which Keli suggests we actually need to talk about because of the way our binge drinking culture is growing. 

The poster which caused some offense amongst feminists.

Boobs Aren't Just For Bimbos.

After the recent scare with breast implants by the french firm PIP, many people have been quick to judge the women who go through with cosmetic surgery. However, after discussing the subject with my mum, she stated she had no sympathy with the women who underwent breast enlargement. I find it fascinating that women jump automatically to having no sympathy for these women, as not all of these women will be your standard big-breasted Jordan wannabe. Some women have had breast surgery not for much deeper reasons than vanity. There are selection of these poor women who have had the cosmetic surgery for personal and medical reasons, such as JoJo Smith. She has written an article defending her self from judgmental women who are too quick to judge everyone who is scared by the implant scare. The article is touching, talking about her journey and where she goes from here. What is also marvelous, is the feedback at the bottom, where other women have contributed their stories true. Everyone has their own reasons for plumping up their breasts, so don't be too hasty to judge everyone who has as a Jordan-esque bimbo.

Susie Orbach calls for greater scrutiny of the Diet Industry

Through Facebook and Twitter, I found out about this cause for which psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer, and social critic is protesting about. The writer was heading a protest on Monday, organised by Endangered Bodies who I joined for a talk at FEM11 in November. Claiming that  “Diets don’t work in the long-term. Ninety-five per cent of people who lose weight through dieting will regain that weight and more after five years", I find her passion extraordinary. People have little realization of the effect of dieting and often taking it on light heartedly and I think if we advertise the dangers of smoking, the dangers of money bizarre schemes, we need to make more people aware of the way in which dieting regimes draw you in to spening your money.


Connection between Alcohol and Rape by Keli Goff
Boobs aren't just for Bimbos by JoJo Smith
Press Release for Scrutiny of the Diet Industry by Susie Orbach

Lunatic Liz on Golden Globes

Liz Jones, regular columnist for the Daily Mail, is not highly regarded by all as a great journalist, and I certainly know why as a frequent reader. Her articles generally address issues that women deal with, from botox, fashion and most recently an article about the attitude towards people with breast implants following the PIP implant scare. However, today's Daily Mail had a two page spread of the best and worst dressed from Sunday nights Golden Globe Awards, written by Jones. I became a little outraged at a few of her statements towards the A-listers beautiful gowns, specifically Kate Winslet, who has a history of dressing to suit her curvacious figure. Winslet has become an icon for myself, and for other women too, from a few replies of my body image survey.

 Kate Winslet at the Golden Globes 2012.

And what did Liz Jones say? Firstly she stated that 
it was 'a deeply unflattering Jenny Packham monochrome number' by adding the caption 'Patriotic choice with British designer Jenny Packham. Love the sweetheart neckline and the up do, but the white skirt makes her look wide.
She is flipping mental. The 'wide' that I believe this lunatic journalist is referring to is Kate's HIP! Her natural body shape looks fabulous in this dress, and doing what she always does and showing of the beautiful womanly curves that God has graced her with. The photos below are a small collection of Kates other red carpet choices, where they also show off her fabulous waist and womanly hips. 

 Previous red carpet dresses which show off a slim waistline and motherly hips.

The kind of comment that Liz makes is something that would put women off their own waistlines, when this is something that was emphasised in 60's fashion. Just look at the stir that Mad Mens Christina Hendricks has caused with her amazing hourglass figure!

Christina Hendricks as Joan in Mad Men. Divine womanly curves.

Liz didn't stop with Winslet. Obviously not all dresses will compliment every ones figures, we all make mistakes, as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kelly Osbourne have proved, although their dress choice showed off their figures, it was just poor choice on the sculpting on the dress. But Liz went on to complain about these actresses for very petty, unjustified and bitchy reasons.
'This gold-studded Versace gown would be fabulous on a brunette, but looks washed out against Nicole’s ghost-like complexion.'
No mention of how amazing this woman looks with her iconic slender figure. I think this dress is stunning and although I know what Liz means but I think she is wrong and this is just stunning. The curves are to die for!

' In fire-engine red Zac Posen, she looks just gorgeous, but needs a push-up bra or someone to feed her that other great Italian export apart from fashion: pasta.'
Just because she is wearing a strapless dress doesn't you need to stick your breasts out like your Madonna or a TOWIE girl. Reese is a mother of two and has some pride and dignity in her appearance, unlike 50+year old Madonna, who wore a glove on her right hand like some Michael Jackson homage.

 'Cadaverous in Haider Ackermann. Way too fussy. Such froth doesn’t suit her: it’s like seeing Maggie Thatcher in a polka-dot prom dress.'
Tilda Swinton has a very unique taste when it comes to the red carpet, and I applaud her so much. She often glides the red carpet in something a little different and unique and I think this suits her skin tone, as well as her figure! The top nips in to give her a nice waist line with a light skirt to balance out the top. Wins the prize for most awesome hair of the night.

So basically, Liz Jones can fuck off, and ladies, you keep embracing those figures!


Red Carpet Pictures by Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Damsel in Design

The last week, I have been scouring through a book a brought some time ago called Suffragette to She Devils by Liz McQuiston. The book follows the history of the design in feminist movements from the Suffragette protests, the Guerrilla Girls through to abortion campaigns.
I wanted to highlight some key pages from the book which I felt were interesting, relevant or amusing.

 The bottom right: 'A Woman's Mind Magnified', poster Britain 1900-14
So out-dated and sexist but so great in the simplicity of the design.
 Some brilliant postcards surrounding the suffragette. I have one similar to the one on the right in the centre. This card reads 'Suffragettes who have never been kissed.'
 Original lolcats? in anti-suffragette postcards.
 A brilliant Guerrilla Girls campaign, protesting about sexism in a Fiat billboard advert.
 I loved the badges on this page, which were from the mid 80's.
A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Completely over the top with their message but I think its incredible that some women hold these statements so strong.
I also love the stitched banner, which just reminds me of all the banners from the original protests[forgot to scan those pages]. Banners that had messages of women trying to fight their way out the home and into politics, despite having a domestic quality of being handmade.

Some interesting birth control imagery, included a pregnant man.

Iconic strong feminine imagery form America 1942-5.
Independentworking class women with fighting spirit.
More strong and independent feminine imagery by Hilda Dallas 1912 for an issue of The Suffragette. The image suggests strong fighting spiriting.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Men Have Feelings Too.

This week a survey revealed that men are unhappy with their bodies, particularly their 'beer bellies' and their lack of muscles. 
Through my research, I have focused primarily on female body image, mainly because I can relate to it more so. However through a couple of conversations with male friends, I know that they are just as self-conscious with the media pressuring them to be toned and bulging with muscles.
Dr Philippa Diedrichs, led the study at the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE in Bristol spoke about how "We need to take a collaborative approach to promoting an environment that values diversity in appearance and promotes healthy body image." Yes. We need to do this as soon as possible really, and effectively by consulting the media giants that publish infinate amounts of muscular men and toned bodies that some people can only admire to look like. The media is a strong influence on us, whether we know it or not.
Shockingly, the report stated that 'Thirty-five percent of respondents said they would trade a year of their life to achieve their ideal body weight or shape.' Really? What people fail to understand, and this goes with people who follow particular diets, is that to gain and maintain a fit/muscular body, requires regular exercise and certain diet that can be fairly extreme. It's even fair to say that some people use certain steroids or other enhancing drugs to help them gain the body they desire. All they really achieve is a body that has been intoxicated with unnatural substances. 

I found another male body image survey from, where I found a truly disturbing statement: 'many acknowledge that a six-pack could play a part in successful courtship.' Really? How does a six-pack enhance a relationship? A relationship is about trust, communication and respect [at a basic level, and ignoring what magazines tell you to do]. If there are men reading this, don't be so warped. A discussion with a single friend recently we spoke about qualities we look for in men: sense of humour, a passion in life[work or hobby] and a nice smile. Simple gentlemen. Don't be so hard on yourselves.

What I have been meaning to also blog about is about the sexism that men are subjected to by women. Various women's magazines exploit men as much as mens magazines exploit women. They have features such as 'men of the week' and 'pinup of the week' which will often feature actors or models that are shirtless showing off their tanned and muscular bodies.

 Cover of Now. With a mans pecs on show to reel the ladies in. It looks like a shot from a lame porno movie.
 The feature of porno guy. Do women get off to this? I think it is just boosting this mans ego more than anything, and boosting my hatred of him. Not all women desire men with pecks. I remember my mother saying many years ago that there is a limit on how muscular a man can be before he is unattractive. So men, do not fear- not every woman desires a sleaze showing off his over-muscular body like Mr Vanity here. Vanity is not an attractive attribute.
 More magazine often feature a 'Men of the Week' feature, including five gentleman of celebrity status who are in the news or recently been snapped by paparazzi. At least one image will show off a mans body. This reinforces the women reader of the ideal man. Did you know that men have personalities too, which actually is more important than if a man has a six-pack or a four pack of beers.
 A bit more sexism from More. This time in the form of trying to beat stereotypes from their partners such as 'only talking to your boobs', 'won't leave his Xbox alone' and to reward them on beating these stereotypes out of him: 'Whisper a dirty promise in his ear'. Well done More! Your sexualisation of women astounds me yet again. Women have more qualities than the use of their vagina. Or mouth.

Some sexualization by More! on facebook.
I never saw The Fabulous Baker Brothers, but to ask for feedback to judge them on their attractiveness devalues them as humans and mocks their whole show in general.

More enforcing of the muscular bodies by emphasizing how fit David Beckham is.
Who cares. We have seen it all before and its just BORING. Becks naked apart from some tighty whiteys.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Miss Representation

Found via Jennifer Siebel Newsom's documentary makes everyone who's thinks they've heard it before refocus on how badly the media depicts women -- and how we can change that. 


The list has some incredible moments, including an American broadcaster giving the low down on how conception works, successful sports women, Saudi women driving, young musicians, Nobel Prize winners, and a hilarious moment from six ladies of American comedy at the Emmys.

This girl, Riley, is so smart for her age, discussing the marketing of children's toys.

 50 Best Moments for Women 2011 at Huffington Post

Fabricated Pages

Yesterday I has a spurt of energy and used it to do some experimenting with help from How to Make Books by Esther K Smith. I have been meaning to experiment for ages but have been caught up with other bits and pieces.

Sketchbook Project, sent out a year ago!
Since the success of my Sketch book project book, I have wanted to make another, but try something slightly different. So here are some terrible quality photos of some bits I have made.

Hardback, accordion pages.  One sheet of fabric, cut to make set of pages.

 Another accordion, one snip through the centre to make eight double sided pages.
Standard cut pages with fabric cover, with simple line stitched to create a  strong spine. Very floppy.

 Hardback version of the previous book.  Using a basic stab-stitch binding technique, with fabric pages. Simple and sturdy.

 One sheet of fabric, with a cut in the centre. Folds to create an eight page booklet, but can be folded inside out to create a new fresh faced booklet.

Experimenting and ideas continue. I feel like I have finally got a good start on making a new book.