Sunday, 28 July 2013

50's Gathering

 Pattern: Self Created

In construction

Made: June 2013

Fabric: Leftover Cotton from Fabric Land.
I previously used this fabric to make a blouse:

 What I learnt:  This was another gathered skirt I made using the same pattern ideas as I made my Plain Black Gathered Skirt.
I had some fabric left over from the blouse I made last year(see above) and I had just enough to make a gathered skirt with waistband. I loved the fabric and I knew it was going to look FAB as a skirt as it has a 50's feel to it. So I cut out two squares which followed this formula: Waist (W x 2.1+ Seam allowance) x Length(desired length+2inchs). The back piece I did the same for but cut the fabric in half so I could insert a zip. I also had enough to add some pockets(previous used for Roses are Red dress)

Pro's: Simple skirt, which I know fits and can be made in a day or weekend. No pattern required as it is two square pieces and a waistband(taken from McCalls 4521). I used my fabric gathering skills to create this as well as my mastered zip inserting knowledge.

Con's: Top of Zip at the waistband not 100%.
  Worn: Worn lots to work and in this sunny July we've had.

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