Sunday, 28 July 2013

Floral McCall

Pattern: McCalls 4521

Made: May 2013

Fabric: Cotton and Polyester from Fabric Land

 What I learnt:  This was a remake of a pattern I had previously made before and was made at the same time as Spotted Pencil Skirt. Because of the white floral fabric was lightweight, I decided that it needed lining and learnt how to line(I previously had lined a Spotted Skater Dress-to be posted)

Pro's: Remaking a pattern I knew that fitted me well and learning how to add a lining.

Con's: I do not like using cheap polestyer for a lining but this was what I had available and what I could afford. Does not feel nice enough. After making, I realised I could have done with an extra inch on the hips for more leg movement! But fits nice and snug!
  Worn: Worn numerous times to work. This skirt had received many compliments!

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