Saturday, 27 July 2013

Little Black Skirt

 Pattern: McCalls 4521

Made: Autumn 2012

Fabric: Cotton from Fabric Land

 What I learnt: I made a mock up out of old fabric and was able to easily adapt the pattern to fit my body but taking the pattern(an old size 16) in at the waist to a Size 12 measurement. The mockup fitted like a dream. A pattern I know I would use again for work skirts. I need to learn to position zip better and adjust the waistband.

Pro's: A very simple easy pattern with optional skirt lengths. Fits like a ass-hugging dream!

Con's: Still in my early days of sewing, for some reason I still don't know why, I didn't hem the skirt properly! I only turned up the hem once and the cotton frays! Silly me - just need to ammend this which is easy and quick enough. I need to practice sizing waistband to avoid the gap above the zip (see above picture)
Worn: I have worn this skirts a lot to work with various tops. A signature piece in my wardrobe.

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