Sunday, 28 July 2013

Roses Are Red Dress

 Pattern: Taken and adapted from Dressmaking by Alison Smith

Pattern from:

Made: Autumn 2012
Fabric: Cotton from Fabric Land
 What I learnt:  I had to enlarge a pattern from the book which took a lot of time and accuracy as I did not have a photocopier to hand. I scaled up the patterns onto some plain paper. In hindsight, I wish I had supplied myself with some squared paper to help get the measuring right. I adapted the top of the dress from the book to the fitting of the floral top I made previously. I also learnt to add pockets - a key accessory in any outfit.
Pro's: I love the fabric. It fits really well.
Con's: The lace frays and this needs tidying. Somehow I got the pockets wrong so that the seams of the pockets show on the wrong side(see picture above). I need to restitch this as well as the lace.

Worn: I do not think this has been worn out as I want to amend the pocket and lace.

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